Even though Gig lives here in Nashville, he actually found us on
the Internet.  I immediately liked his music,  which is probably
best described as Southern rock with soul. Gig is an excellent
singer, with a really distinctive voice, and he writes some very
strong material. The two-song single that we cut has stirred
up a lot of interest in him,  and we're now in pre-production
on eight more songs to complete his CD.    - Steve Haggard

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Sometimes  Little Pill

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GIG writes:

When shopping for a producer and a studio to cut my solo CD,
I was concerned with several aspects of choosing who and where.

         First off, obviously was the budget. Secondly, a studio that was
         up-to-date, with enough outboard gear, the right mics, and an
         in-house engineer who knew what he was doing in his room, and
         could get a nice radio-ready recording.

         The most important for me was a producer I could relate to, with a
         wide variety of tastes and experience in the music industry. One who
         could assemble the players I needed, and could come in on budget
         with the performance I needed.

         Well, I found all that and more with Wild Oats Records.

         Steve Haggard is now -- and will be on all future recordings -- my
         producer.  Steve brought things together for me within the budget
         we had, and it turned out awesome. The recording is getting rave
         reviews from radio and record execs alike !

         Steve was involved from choosing the right songs, to laying down
         the last backing vocal, to the final mix-down.

         He assembled the players for the tracks, and I can't brag enough
         about them. However, I can say that they're all going to play on
         the rest of the album. They're all some of the nicest people you'd
         ever want to meet, and total professionals as musicians.

         The studio was great, a nice laid-back environment with pro gear
         and an outstanding engineer well-versed in many styles of music.
         As far as creativity, well, Steve has added some new flavors to my
         music that has made the songs even better than before !  I can't
         say enough about Steve, he is one of the few true straight-up
         people left in this biz. A total good person who devotes his
         energy to getting the artist's song done right, no money
         motivation at all. That's a rarity in itself.

         So, in closing, I will just say this: If you want a great producer
         to get you great product, you need not look any further than
         Wild Oats Records. I had a blast !

         - Gig Michaels 

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