Kimberly King

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Kimberly writes:         
I was very impressed from the start with the Wild Oats Records philosophy. 

Steve Haggard addressed my concerns and answered my questions. He should get an award just for his patience with me ! So after months of this,

and one too many meetings with slick operators, I made my decision to 
go with Wild Oats. My expectations, which are high, have been exceeded.
I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the talented musiciansthat Steve 
had lined up for my project.  I sat there in awe and listened to them create magic to my ears. 

It was a truly mystical experience experience to watch and listen to Steve in the studio. He is a great producer. As long as I live, my experience with Wild Oats Records will be one of my fondest memories

Is this heaven ?... No, it's Wild Oats Records.

- Kimberly King