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                                            WILD OATS RECORDS CDs:

Steve Haggard
Steve Haggard
Steve Haggard
Steve Haggard
Steve Haggard
S. Haggard/Keith Rosier/Dona Jean Butler
Love Conquers All  NEW !!!
Mysterious Ways
Make Your Move
Rough Edge
Push Comes To Shove
Labor Of Love (cassette only)
Joel Alan Lehman Pure Texan
Garry Jackson
Garry Jackson))
Something's Got A Hold On Me
Songs Your Mother Never Sang
Pat DiNizio Live: The Living Room Tour
Glenn French
Glenn French
Snowblind  NEW!!
Frank "Andy" Starr

Frank "Andy" Starr/The Haywoods/ 
Gail & The Tricksters

The Rockin' Return 
Of Frank "Andy" Starr due November 2009!!
Starr Struck
(Oat Rockabilly Series #1)
Gail & The Tricksters
Gail & The Tricksters
Gail Lloyd)
Dare To Be Different
All Tricked Out
Johnny Paycheck I'm A Survivor
Teddy Glenn
Teddy Glenn
Anthology due October 2009!!
The King Of Crock
Oldscool Save Me From Myself 
Peter Adzima Leave A Pearl
Ben Rait No Regrets
Mike Goroll Beyond Cool
Charla Michelle Hines All Of This
Billy F. Otis Sowin' Wild Otis
Razzor Dixxon Razzor Dixxon
Rozaline Rozaline
The Tavson Brothers Time Changes Everything
Mark Brine
Mark Brine 
Mark Brine
Mark Brine
Mark Brine
Live In Fields Of Bluegrass NEW !!!
Out On Luke's Highway
For Karrie
Real Special Feelin'
New Blue Yodel
Eddie Kirkland/Melissa Sigler/
Billy F. Otis/Willie Foster
Four Aces
(Oat Blues Series #1)
Kenny McGeorge/Tudor Lodge/
Mark Mitten/Eric Richardson
Roads Less Traveled
(Singer/Songwriter Series #4) 
Pete Lampron/Jay Brandt/
Elliott Frisby/Van Almen
Reflections In The Stream
(Singer/Songwriter Series #3) 
Bryon Russell/Adrianna Larkin/
Glenn French/James Bizzieri
Signs Of The Times
(Singer/Songwriter Series #2) 
Ford Turrell/Peter Adzima/
Garry Jackson/Zachary Oberzan
Mighty Above All Things
(Singer/Songwriter Series #1)
Chris Severs/Kristie Crook/Mike Archer  Edge Of Town
(New Artist Series #7) 
Joey/Ashley Matzeder/Charla Michelle Hines/ One58 Flyin' High
(New Artist Series #6) 
Steven Hammontree/Dotty Peterson/
Bradley C. Williams
Breakin' Loose 
(New Artist Series #5) 
Joel Alan Lehman/Jerrilynn Horsley/
Terry Combs
Racin' The Wind
(New Artist Series #4)
Jeff Darah/Casey Kalb & John Poland/
Vince Moralle
Flash Of Lightning
(New Artist Series #3)
Rich Green/Shotgun Alley/R.B Ripley Catchin' Fire (New Artist Series #2)
David James/Kimberly King/Bill Clark Tomorrow The World (New Artist Series #1)
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