*** The Oat Songwriter Showcase ***
(more incredible photos)

Tudor Lodge, an excellent duo from England, was 
in town recording at Oat Central, and also played 
at the showcase. Here's half of TL, John Stannard.

 While here we have the other (better) half of 
 Tudor Lodge, Lynne Whiteland.

Bryon Russell doing a Dylan impersonation (only visually 
... his music's his own, and fabulous to boot). Elliott Frisby 
 (far right) sports his hot new blonde guitar, Marilyn.
Van, under the Oat banner, assures    Teri's very hep tattoo.
us that he's "here for the beer". 

The bad boys of Wild Oats Records (and that's bad like
"auw, baby !"). Left to right: Peter Adzima, Van Almen,
Bryon Russell, Garry Jackson, Joel Alan Lehman, 
Steve Haggard and Elliott Frisby.

That sprightly sportsman, Howard,
ready and able to serve up the drinks.

Two fine songwriters, Mike Oakley and
Joel Alan Lehman, hangin' out at the "OSS".

The first showcase: (left to right) Bryon Russell, 
Joel Alan Lehman, Peter Adzima, Steve Haggard.

Some members of the "slightly dysfunctional
Wild Oats Records family" enjoying the show. Left
to right: Jeff Suits, Tom Smith, the "alpha and omega
      of awesome interns" Hannah Harvey with ventriloquist's
sidekick Noah, and Dennis Pepperack.

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