Sweden Tour 2001
Below are some photos from the STEVE HAGGARD & THE RANGERS tour of
Sweden, which ran from July 25th-August 5th, 2001. The Rangers are Steve's
overseas touring band, and since the early 1990s they've performed with him
everywhere from Denmark to Austria to Israel. Morten Donslund (lead guitar,
vocals), Gregor Forte (bass) and Michael "Grønne" Gronnegaard (drums) are
the Rangers. With regular pedal steel/dobro player Nils Tuxen unavailable,
Steve's longtime friend Paul St. Clair (pedal steel) flew in from the USA; as
did Gail Lloyd (rhythm guitar, vocals) of Gail & The Tricksters... and, of
course, Steve Haggard (vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica). 

Steve Haggard on the way to check his e-mail in Gävle.
Grønne, Steve Haggard, Gail Lloyd, Morten Donslund
and Gregor Forte out for a stroll somewhere in sunny
Sweden. Photo by pedal steel player Paul St. Clair. 

The band's driver, minder and pal Rockin' Tord (left) 
in Vinön with bassist Gregor Forte and the band bus. 


Doin' what they do best:  Eating, drinking, smoking 
and sitting in the sun. Clockwise from bottom: Steve,
Gregor, Grønne, Paul and Morten at a café in Gävle.
Well, no one said it was an alcohol-free zone ! Guitar
whiz Morten Donslund with two cool cats in Sundsvall.
A post-gig snack in Hudiksvall. Morten (l), Steve (c),
Gregor (r) and a quartet of fun-loving Swedish fans.

Ready for another night of rockin' !! From the left: Morten, Grønne, Steve, Gregor and Paul in Sundsvall.

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