Peter Adzima
Peter Adzima was on a cross-country trip when he first contacted us. (Once he got to Nashville, Peter never left, and he's now a valued member of Team Oat.) 
He had done a previous CD, and was ready to record again. We cut four really good tracks with him for "Mighty Above All Things", the first release in the Oat Singer/Songwriter Series, then followed up with a full Peter Adzima CD, "Leave A Pearl".  Peter is a talented guy who writes thoughtful, well-crafted songs, and puts 'em across very well. He's also a fine addition to Happy Hour.
                                                                                                            - Steve Haggard

Forgive Her
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Peter writes:

My first conversation with Steve Haggard was a telephone interview in
which I asked some very pointed questions about Wild Oats Records,
recording, the costs involved and what I expected in return. What I got
was straight answers... and now, over two years later, I can tell you from
that first day Steveís honesty has never wavered.

My time in the recording studio was, in one word, wonderful. Steve,
along with recording engineer Randall Merryman, creates a relaxing
atmosphere that puts the artist at ease and lets you concentrate on
creating beautiful music.

The professional musicians who are part of the Wild Oats cast are as
good as it gets. If you have the opportunity to work with players like
John Kearns or David Russell, you will be amazed at their talents!

I canít say enough about Steveís work as a producer. He knew how to
take my songs to another level. As a writer, I often say a song takes
you where it wants to go. A good producer also takes a song where
it wants to go, and knows when to stop and let it be.

Lastly, Steve let me ask questions during the whole process. If there
was something I didnít like, we would discuss it. Sometimes he would
agree with me and make the change. Sometimes he would convince me
why it should remain as he intended. But he never shut me out of the
process. That was important to me.

I can tell you that I am quite pleased with all facets of my experience

with Wild Oats Records, and the best part is that I've not only gained
a record label, I have gained a trusted friend.

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