Van Almen
The demo that Van sent us in the summer of 2004 was pretty rough; but even
so, you could hear that he had a certain something. We got in touch with him,
and after e-mailing with us for awhile, Van and his wife Teri hopped on a plane
-- they're Americans living in England -- and came to Nashville. Van cut four
songs for our Singer/Songwriter Series, and did an excellent job. His music is
down-to-earth and very compelling, and he has a fine, distinctive voice. We look
forward to getting Van back in the studio for a full CD soon.      -Steve Haggard

Good Country Song
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Van writes:

After sending out my demo CD to various record companies, I was
contacted by Wild Oats Records saying that they were interested in
recording me for one of their labelís "Singer/Songwriter Series" CDs.

I was busting at the seams to jump on the next plane to Nashville,
but wanted to check out Wild Oats Recordsí reputation & recording
quality... so before making arrangements to travel from England to
Nashville, I contacted a couple of artists who'd previously recorded
with Wild Oats Records to get their opinions.

I was given nothing but GREAT reviews.

My experience in Nashville working with Steve Haggard, Gail Lloyd,
Randall Merryman, John Kearns, Chris James and David Russell was

I'm proud to be a member of the Wild Oats Records family, and
highly recommend them as a professional, honest company. Their
main concern is making sure they produce professional, quality


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