Bill & Mark Boroska

                                                                                    Mark Boroska came down to Nashville with an excellent song that he
                                                                                                       and his brother Bill had recently written.  In addition to musicians,
                                                                                                       they needed a female vocalist for their project,  so we brought in a
                                                                                                       really good one named Renee Ellis.  (We were so impressed by the
                                                                                                       song, incidentally,  that we wound up publishing it...  something we
                                                                                                       very rarely do with outside material.)                       - Steve Haggard

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Caught Between A Rock (And A Heartache)

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             The brothers write:

             Having our demo done at Wild Oats was a terrific experience. Steve and the gang were friendly,
             fun and FABULOUS.
             They wanted to get things RIGHT, not just DONE. Very professional.

              Steve had suggestions that made the song better. And we got it all for a whole lot less than some
              other outfits charge. Great music.

               Great Music. Fair price. No BS. Works for us!

               -Bill & Mark Boroska

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