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   Singer/songwriter Jeff Callahan lives in Northern New Jersey.
  "I have always tried for a bare, uncluttered sound," says Jeff,
  whose music is an acoustic, folk-based blend that can best be
  described as "Celto-Gothic Folk" ... for lack of a better term.
  This, his debut CD, was recorded here in Nashville with our
  Team Oat production staff. Among his several talents, Jeff
   is a truly original lyricist, influenced as much by novelists
   and poets as by songwriters. In addition to performing with
   his band in the Northeast, where the CD is picking up airplay,
   Callahan is currently working on a book of poetry. To buy
   Havens, Haunts and Hollows, visit our CDs & Merchandise
   page by clicking on the link below.

   Havens, Haunts and Hollows

   1.  The Watershed
    2.  Where You've Been
    3.  When The Devil Came Down
    4.  Central Avenue Lullaby
    5.  Two Hundred Miles
    6.  Dance With Her
    7.  Come Up The Stairs
    8.  Red-Haired Angel
    9.  Mother Told Me So
  10.  Before We Said Goodbye

   All songs by Jeff Callahan,
   except #7 (Traditional),
   Produced by Steve Haggard
  Recorded by Eric Pittarelli
   Mixed by Eric & Steve

   For bookings & information, e-mail Jeff Callahan at:

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