Glenn French
Glenn French first came to town to record four songs that ultimately appeared
on our second Singer/Songwriter Series CD, "Signs Of The Times". Glenn has
a warm, natural vocal style, and he writes some really fine songs. We followed
that up with a 12-song CD, "Timeless",  in 2006, and now Glenn's brand-new one is here: "Snowblind", released in May 2009. Listen to a sample of one of French's songs ("Some Things Change") below -- and you'll know why we're proud to have him as part of our Wild Oats Records artist roster and family.
                                                                                                              - Steve Haggard

Some Things Change
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Glenn writes:

Steve Haggard makes me sing my best, and his sense of humor is second
to none. It's comforting to work with someone who cares about the
music and the individual as well.

When I was originally contacted by Wild Oats Records for their second
"Singer/ Songwriter Series" CD, I saw it as a great opportunity... but I
started to question my own ability as an artist going into a seasoned pro
studio setting because I can't read or write music. (All of my music is
created by ear.) 

Steve Haggard calmed me down, said he had seen that before, and told
me not to worry. He chose four songs from my catalog and they were
the same four songs that I would have picked. He made some valuable
suggestions on strengthening a few of my lyrics, and I flew down to
Nashville. Everything was falling into place.

As for the people who worked on my project, I can't compliment them
enough. The studio musicians were the best in the business. Randall
Merryman, the engineer, made operating the digital Radar system seem
like a walk in the park. The studio setting was comfortable, professional
and a great time

Steve is a great producer, he really cares about the songs and the artist,
and he always has very creative and very interesting ideas.

My vocals never sounded better and the final product was something I
will cherish forever. I've recently finished up my new Wild Oats Records
CD with Steve and the Oat Central team. It'll be released in May 2009.

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