Producer / Singer / Songwriter / Musician 
If you're familiar with the music of Steve Haggard, then
you already know that he's a truly original artist. Steve's signature sound is best described as "Genuine American Roots Music", and is a potent blend of Americana, rockin' country, some down-home blues, a little bit of folk, and a dash of rockabilly. Steve is a man of many talents: a fine, distinctive vocalist, a great songwriter, and an excellent musician. (In addition to playing the guitar and mandolin, he is a virtuoso blues harmonica player.) And in the past
decade, he has become one of the top producers around, winning acclaim for his work in the studio with artists and bands not only from the USA, but from Canada, England, Norway, Sweden and Finland. 

Despite being on a small independent label -- Nashville's
Renegade Record Label, Wild Oats Records, of course !! -- Steve Haggard has built a (growing) legion of extremely devoted fans around the world. He has done some 50 tours outside of the USA and played in 17 countries, performing everywhere from Europe to the Middle East. Steve's five
CDs have picked up radio play in over 20 countries, and
been distributed on five continents. (Steve will be on tour
in Europe again in Summer 2009.)

Steve's previous CD, Mysterious Ways, has won glowing reviews from music journalists here and overseas, as well as praise from a wide spectrum of music lovers... and now there's a brand-new Steve Haggard CD, Love Conquers All. 
The early response has been great, and understandably so.

Last, but not least, Steve is a dynamic and inspiring stage performer, whether in a festival, concert or club setting; whether he's playing a little roadhouse here in Tennessee, or to a crowd of thousands at an outdoor festival in Europe,
he and his band always deliver an evening of great music 

Like many of the finest artists, Steve Haggard has yet to receive the full recognition that he deserves... a situation that is changing all the time, however, as more and more people hear his music and become aware of his talents. If you haven't heard Steve yet, we strongly urge you to do so! 

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