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    Steve Haggard is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician
    and producer who those in the know consider one of the great
   unsung artists of recent years. His thoroughly original sound --
   which blends rockin', honky-tonk country and blues flavored
   with a little rockabilly and folk -- represents genuine American
   roots music at its best. A distinctive singer, excellent songwriter
   and fine musician, Steve has done 50+ overseas tours, and has
   won a legion of fans worldwide. (He will be performing again
   in Europe during the summer of 2009.) And in recent years,
   his work in the studio here in Nashville with dozens of artists
   has earned Steve a reputation as one of the very best producers
   around. All of his Wild Oats Records CDs releases, including the
   brand-new one, Love Conquers All, can be found (and purchased!)
   by clicking here... and you can listen to Steve's music below.

    Steve Haggard: Love Conquers All (Wild Oats Records)

    1. Mysterious Ways, Part III
    2. Trust In Love
    3. Might Have To Die (To Make You Miss Me)
    4. If She Only Had A Heart
    5. Renegade
    6. Cheatham County Blues
    7. Let's Have Another Glass Of Wine
    8. Mysterious Ways, Part II
    9. Same Old Ghost
  10. Gonna Make A Believer Out Of You
  11. A Thousand Miles Away
  12. Forever Young

   We'll be adding a clip from Love Conquers All soon... in the meantime, here are a couple
    of MP3s from Steve's previous CD, Mysterious Ways.

   Feel So Fine
   Ghost Town
  All songs by Steve Haggard; except #5
   by Warren Zevon, and #12 by Bob Dylan.

   Produced by Steve Haggard.
   Engineered by Randall Merryman.
   Mixed by Randall & Steve.

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