Garry Jackson
Garry Jackson sent us a demo a couple of years back, and the first thing that
I noticed -- it was hard to miss ! -- was what a fine voice he had. Very nice tone,
excellent range, etc. Upon listening a bit more, I discovered that he also wrote
really good songs. We were just about to begin recording the first CD in our
label's Singer/Songwriter Series, and Garry seemed like a natural for it. We
got in touch with him... and the rest is history, as they say. Since then, Garry
has recorded his own excellent solo CD here at Oat Central, and has become
a friend and a valued member of the "slightly dysfunctional Oat family". We
are now working on his fourth Oat CD project, due for release in late 2009.
                                                                                                          - Steve Haggard

At Times LikeThis
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Garry writes:

Wild Oats Records first contacted me back in early 2003. They invited
me to come down to Nashville, TN, and record four original songs for
a singer/songwriter project they were doing at the time. I could not
resist, nor could I be more pleased.

Steve Haggard, label head, believed in me as a writer and an individual.
This man has a great sense of what is right for each and every song. His
stable of world-class musicians (and they are ! ), along with one of the
best engineers in the business -- Mr. Randall Merryman -- all strive for
just one thing, as a team and as a family... that is, the song.

Now with two projects complete, and a third on the way, I have to
truthfully say that Wild Oats Records has delivered. They've believed
in me and supported me with production, promotion and various
performance opportunities.

Steve Haggard is an exceptional producer, I might add.

Now a member of the Wild Oats Records family, I can honestly say
that I believe in them, and Thank You !

- G.J. 2006

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