Pete Lampron
Pete Lampron and his bass-playing pal Mike Pollini came down to Nashville on
a Greyhound in 2005 to record four songs for our label's Singer/ Songwriter Series, and all of us here at Oat Central were very pleased with the results. Pete is not only a very talented singer/ songwriter in a rockin' vein, but he
plays some excellent guitar as well. Mike did a fine job, too, fitting right in
with our top-notch crew of session players. And both of them more than held
their own at Happy Hour ! We look forward to working with Pete again soon.
                                                                                                       - Steve Haggard

Turn To Sand
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Pete writes:

Steve Haggard, his lovely wife Gail, and the ever-prodigious
Randall Merryman made my recent sojourn in Music City USA
an exhilarating experience

Steve's production skills are exquisite, and when wrought upon
my creations gave birth to a group of songs whose quality far
surpassed my expectations. Watching Randall work the board
is no different than watching any other musician play; his
engineering prowess is impressive, and he truly uses the board
as an instrument.

As a former publisher of a noted NH music publication, I've had
the pleasure (and equally often, displeasure) of listening to many
music CDs, both label-quality level and homegrown. However, as
it has been stated before, there are the musicians and the studios
of Nashville, and then there is everybody else.

I've heard nothing that comes close to the professionalism and
quality that fairly leaps from the work produced by Wild Oats.

I am sincerely thrilled with the results of working with these
talented folks.

Steve and Gail were a delight to visit with, and made sure we were
able to get to where we needed to go during our visit, often acting
as shuttle service, tour guides and dining companions in addition
to the multiple hats they already wear.The session musicians were
nothing short of awe inspiring, and the privilege of working with
them was worth the effort alone.

Whether one is an artist signed to Wild Oats Records, or simply
searching for a pro level Nashville recording that will provide a
competitive advantage to stand out from the crowd, Oat Central
and the Wild Oats Records crew should be the destination of choice.

I'm happy to add my comments to the growing list of gratified Wild
Oats artists and clients.

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