Gail Lloyd
(of Gail & The Tricksters)

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Knee Shakin Tom Cat Blues
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Gail writes: (Updated March 2006)
It's been five years and 3 CDs since I recorded the songs that
would go on my first EP, "All Tricked Out", and it feels like
I've traveled many miles as a singer, songwriter and recording

However, my experiences have only underscored my feelings
and attitudes both towards Steve Haggard (who is an incredibly
gifted, and indeed, masterful producer) and the Oat recording
experience as one of the best around.

Steve has that rare ability to bring it all together on many levels.
He does a lot of preparation beforehand, and he has the gift of
being able to envison just how the songs need to come together
on all different levels. That is, in part, why project after project is
always smooth running, well organized, with successful results,
not just for me, but for all the artists he's worked with.

Being a songwriter as well as a vocalist, I want to comment on
Steve's exceptional ability at making the vocal stand out as the
centerpiece of a musical arrangement. Whether it means sitting
with the singer and going over singing technique/phrasing, etc.,
prior to recording, or picking players who complement a singer's
musical style, Steve always goes the extra mile.

He has a great instinct for arranging songs so the listener's ear
is drawn to the meaning of the words being sung. I've noticed
this particular aspect of Steve's producing skills, not only with
my own songs, but by comparing the "before" demos with the
"finished products" of other singers and songwriters with whom
Steve has worked.

About engineer Randall Merryman: Randall is an incredibly
innovative and creative engineer. With Randall, there are always
10 ways to resolve any challenge that comes along. He is warm
and fun-loving and nutty, which always makes you feel at ease
and contributes to the relaxed experience.

Every time I step into the studio at Oat Central, I never fail to
enjoy the smooth-running and professional atmosphere.

Whether I'm just stoppin' in to catch one of the many artists at
work with Steve and Randall, or to record another song, I always
find people having fun, cracking jokes, digging the vibe, and
recording terrific, original-sounding music.

 -Gail Lloyd  (contact Gail at

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