The WILD OATS Story...
Wild Oats Music Group is a small, somewhat mysterious company
based in Nashville, Tennessee. (Our secret headquarters, known as
Oat Central, is located somewhere between the Atlantic Ocean and
scenic Charlotte Pike.)

We're an independent record label, a music production/promotion
company, and we have an affiliated publishing company, Golden
Harp Music.  Besides working with our own Wild Oats artists and
releasing their CDs on our label, we offer a wide range of musical
services to outside artists, bands, and other independent labels.

While our ultimate goal is world domination, our short-term goal
is a little less ambitious: namely, to produce and release first-rate
music, and to have a really good time doing it. (When it comes to
having a really good time, we have a lot of experience, so that part
is easy. The music part takes a little more effort, but it seems to be
coming along pretty nicely, too.)

Wild Oats Records was founded back in 1988, at the bar of the
legendary Palomino Club in North Hollywood, California. How
and why the the label started is a long, fascinating story involving
Steve Haggard, Glen Edwards and many bottles of Pacifico beer.
We can't tell that story right now; so let's just say that Wild Oats
was born, and leave it at that.

In 1989, we moved here to Nashville, and the rest -- as they say --
is history. Since then, our CD releases have received considerable
radio airplay in more than 20 countries; been distributed and sold
on five continents; been licensed in Europe and South America;
and picked up glowing reviews in respected music publications in
the USA and abroad. (And we've also been involved in arranging
few dozen overseas tours.)

Unlike the major labels, Wild Oats Records doesn't have huge
recording and advertising budgets; in fact, we hardly have an
advertisingbudget at all !

Here at Oat Central -- believe it or not -- we're actually more
interested in putting out excellent original music than in slick
images, trendiness and overblown hype. We don't think that
music should sound like it just rolled off an assembly-line, 
with every edge smoothed down and all the guts removed.

And we believe that there are a lot of music lovers out there
who like the real thing; not just the bland, watered-down swill
that the computerized radio programmers, the corporate music
biz types and the guys with marketing degrees are forcing on the
public these days.

Of course, we could be wrong. But we doubt it.

We welcome your comments and/or questions (our e-mail address
is, and if you're in Nashville, we'd
be very happy to have you take us out to lunch. (In addition to
being called "Nashville's Renegade Record Label," Wild Oats is
also known as "The Home Of The Three-Hour Lunch.")

Best wishes from Oat Central... and may all your oats be wild !


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