Johnny Paycheck 
Legendary country artist JOHNNY PAYCHECK
passed away on February 18th, 2003, leaving
behind a lot of great music and millions of fans.

“SURVIVOR”, the final Johnny Paycheck CD, is
a brand-new release by one of the true giants of country music, and contains ten never-before- heard songs, all recorded by Johnny Paycheck in Nashville at his peak in the 1980s. 

Produced by Miles Sillis, this fine CD includes “I.O.U. Blues” and  “I’m  A Survivor”, plus eight more great tracks by one of the pioneers of  classic, honky-tonk outlaw country.

During his long and very successful career, Johnny Paycheck had 33 hit singles, including smash hits like “Take This Job And Shove It,Slide Off Those Satin Sheets" & “Don’t Take Her, She’s All I’ve Got”; and earned six Gold albums, two
Platinum albums and one double-Platinum album.  In addition, he was honored with a BMI Lifetime Achievement Award, and received two Grammy nominations.

At a time when Nashville is churning out mainstream, pop-country music by 
artists who all sound the same, the distinctive voice and real country music of Johnny Paycheck are more welcome than ever. 

“SURVIVOR”is sure to be a hit with the artist’s millions of fans worldwide ... 
and with anyone who likes classic country and roots music.

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Distributors and Retailers: For information on distribution or on buying the 
CD at wholesale prices, e-mail us at Wild Oats Music Group here in Nashville.

* Click links below to listen to MP3 music clips
  1. I'm A Survivor
  2. I Can't Quit Drinkin'
  3. He Left It All
  4. I.O.U. Blues
  5. Everything Is Changing
  6. Palimony
  7. You're Every Step I Take
  8. I Never Got Over You
  9. Buried Treasures
10. Ole Pay Ain't Checked Out Yet

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