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Although many "artists" these days are all about hype and marketing, the late, legendary Johnny Paycheck was definitely the real thing. And
now the long-rumored "lost" Johnny Paycheck album has surfaced at last... here at Oat Central, naturally! So lend an ear to a real outlaw. 


Singer/songwriter David Bates is a new addition to Team Oat. David, who lives in southwest Virginia, recently recorded with us for the first   time,  cutting two excellent originals for one of our Oat Sampler CDs. 


 Ashlee Choate hails from a small town in northwest Arkansas. A fine  up-and-coming singer & songwriter, she's making her Wild Oats debut.
We believe you'll be hearing a lot more from Ashlee in the near-future.


David Alex-Barton, a really talented singer, songwriter and guitarist  from Boston, is an excellent new additon to Team Oat. He recently cut  his first four tracks for us, and his music is an interesting, eclectic mix. 


Bryon Russell comes from Alabama. He writes some truly first-songs, and has a cool, down-home vocal style that's all his own. Bryon can 
be heard on our "Singer/Songwriter Series" CD, Signs Of The Times. He has also played many times at our monthly showcase here in town.


Here at Wild Oats Records, we work with artists and bands from near and far. Karo is an excellent, rockin' vocalist from Finland with a very appealing, rockabilly-influenced sound. His first Oat CD single is now available, and Karo will return to the studio with us sometime in 2012. 


All five members of Roger Westblom & The In-Laws live in Hedesunda, Sweden. A band with a raw, rockin' country sound, they recently visited  Nashville to record an album with producer Steve Haggard. Good stuff! 


Luke Knight lives in a small town just outside of Indianapolis. He writes some fine folk-influenced songs, and puts them across very well. Luke   was here in the studio recently for his first Wild Oats Records project. 


April Smith Hogue started out in the duo, Two Chicks From The Sticks. but she's now working solo. A Californian, April came to Nashville not long ago to record with us... and the result is her excellent first single.


The band Jaynetown is made up of Darin Connor, Dwayne Hamblin, Ricky West, James West and Johnathan Sherman. They've got a 
good sound, so give their catchy tune, "The Beer Song", a listen! 


All three members of the rockin' emo trio known as Rozaline were still in their teens when they recorded their EP with us a few years ago, but they were already a musical force to be reckoned with. The band broke up awhile back - as bands will do! - but their music is well worth hearing.


Singer/songwriter Ben Rait is a rocker at heart, but he also has blues, R&B and even some folk/country influences in his music. Rait wrote 
all of the 10 tracks on his Wild Oats Records debut CD, No Regrets
and there isn't a bad one in the bunch. He's a powerful singer to boot.


The rockin' band known as Old Scool hails from Delaware, and is a new
 addition to our Oat label. Led by singer/songwriter Lionel DeBernard  the group plays fine original music which has a classic rock feel, but   still sounds fresh and modern. Their latest is Save Me From Myself.


Levi Stevenson is a singer/songwriter from Baton Rouge. He came to Nashville in 2012 to cut his first tracks for Wild Oats Records. As you can hear, Levi is a talented guy who writes some very distinctive stuff. 


Masterful songsmith Peter Adzima has been described as "a thinking man's songwriter. His original material is marked by smooth, soothing melodies and strong lyrics. Originally heard in our "Singer/Songwriter Series", Peter followed up with a fine solo CD entitled Leave A Pearl


Chris Severs is a very talented young singer and songwriter from Virginia. His music is a strong, original blend of country, rock, folk
and blues, and he's got an exceptional voice. Chris recorded four 
songs with us for the Oat "New Artist Series" CD, Edge Of Town

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