Eric Richardson
Eric Richardson came to town with a bunch of good songs, and fit right in with
what we call our "slightly dysfunctional Wild Oats Records family." His music
is thoughtful, eclectic and original, and we look forward to seeing (and hearing)
Eric back here in the studio in Nashville before too long. - Steve Haggard

Spine Highway
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Eric writes:

So I came to Nashville to record.

Like others on pilgrimage to Mecca, Jerusalem, or New York City.

The Ryman Mother Church draws its pilgrims to the banks of the

It is personal to every woman & man with music in their blood as to
"when" that is.

Like knows what it is unlike. Like recognizes like.

Hence the great camaraderie formed with Steve Haggard, Gail Lloyd,
Randall Merryman, John Kearns, Jim Wilson, Debi Champion, the
Spaniards, fellow performers, and writers, who are rooted here,
exploring, or have yet to arrive.

To Tennessee.

Wild Oats Records allows the songwriter's expression, both personal
and in the world of commerce.

What could be more American? Thanks to Wild Oats for the rich
experience and attention you provide.

To the Nashville aura, that continues as a signal fire to the music
of our country and planet.

I look forward to making more beautiful music together....

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