Griffin Young (vocals/guitar), Laura Baker (bass)
and Ian Ochs (drums/percussion) made up the New
England-based trio, Rozaline. Although all three of
the band's members were still in their teens when
we produced their debut EP here at Oat Central in
Nashville, they were already a musical force to be
reckoned. These talented, creative musicians have
since gone their separate ways, but with their blend
of indie and emo sounds, the band carved out its own
distinctive style. You can hear an MP3 clip from the
Rozaline EP below... so why not give a listen to one
of their powerful songs?

click link below for MP3 music clip

1. Overwhelming Fear
2. Wasting In Waiting
3. The Switch
4. The Runaway Scene
LYRICS: Griffin Young, MUSIC: Rozaline

Produced by Steve Haggard
Recorded by Randall Merryman

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