Wild Oats Records artists have done 50+ tours  overseas, performing in some 15 countries. Here
are some photos from a Spring 2002 Steve Haggard 
tour in England.


Drummer/tour organizer Cozy Dixon & Steve Haggard heading towards the pub 

Lee Goodwin (guitar) & his gal  Madeleine on the tour bus 


Steve and the band onstage (L-R): the
arm of keyboard player Basil Fletcher;
Buggsy Maloney; Cozy Dixon; Steve;
the leg of Gail Lloyd; Lee Goodwin.
The gang in Doddington (L-R): opening act Robbo; Steve Haggard; guitarist Lee Goodwin;
driver Duff Ryley; singer/guitarist Gail Lloyd;
Madeleine; bassist Buggsy Maloney; Brenda
Loughran and drummer Cozy Dixon.


The band (Steve playing harp) onstage near Stoke-On-Trent. 


Gail Lloyd singing
"Tom Cat Blues"

Steve with club mgr. Dixie at Weedon gig
Rockin' in Northampton, with Basil
Fletcher (keyboards) onstage at left 

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