Welcome to the Wild Oats Records international tours page !
Please click on the tour banners below to take a visual journey
through just some of the adventures of our intrepid Team Oat...
whose sacred mission it is to achieve world domination through
 music, and to bring all of humanity into what we like to call 
"the unhealthy Wild Oats Records orbit" !
These are just a few of the 50+ overseas tours done by Oat
artists. See many more tour pics in our Photo Gallery.

Steve Haggard, Gail Lloyd, Joel Alan Lehman
and the Nashville All-Stars on tour in Germany (2006)

Team Oat represents Sister Cities of Nashville in France (2004)

Catch up on Team Oat's summer adventures (2003)

The Oat gang had a jolly old time in England (2002)

Journey 'way up North with the Wild (Oats) Bunch  (2001)

Learn about our unforgettable experiences in the Holy Land (2000)

  The Photo Gallery is filled with pictures of assorted Oat tours, 
1991-2006 -- there have been more than 50 now !! -- in places like
Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech
  Republic, Scotland, the Netherlands, etc.;  plus a great sampling
of Oat-related photos from right here in the good ol' USA.

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