Introducing: The Wild Oats Records "New Artist Series"
The Wild Oats Records "New Artist Series" is a new venture designed to introduce and launch emerging musical talent. The first release in this series is Tomorrow The World, and it features three excellent new artists: David James, Kimberly King and Bill Clark. The CD was produced here in Nashville by Steve Haggard and the superb Oat Central production team, and it gets the "New Artist Series" off to a flying start.  

David James

Kimberly King

Bill Clark
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Tomorrow The World contains 12 songs in all... four songs by each of these talented new Wild Oats Records discoveries. (They are not a band, but three separate and distinctive artists.) While all of their music falls somewhere on the country/roots music spectrum,
David James, Kimberly King and Bill Clark each has an original and individual style. 

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The first reviews of Tomorrow The World are now comin' in ! Writing in Nashville's music
magazine Shake !, reviewer Todd Sterling says: "The folks at Oat Central are definitely  on the right track... In all, a great beginning for the New Artist Series." Melissa Rowe,
in her review for The Scribe e-zine, adds: "How nice to pick up a CD by artists you've never heard of before, and then enjoy every minute of it ! That's what happened to me 
with Tomorrow The World." And last but not least, David James' song "Texas", which kicks off the "New Artist Series" CD, won Song of The Year honors from Texas' LSMA.

The second and third volumes in the Wild Oats Records "New Artist Series" -- entitled Catchin' Fire and Flash Of Lightning, respectively -- are now available. Would you like to be part of a future "New Artist Series" CD ? Just E-mail us to see if you qualify !
New Artist Series