Wild Oats Music Group of Nashville is now offering
                    international promotion services to outside clients.

                    Since its founding in 1988, our Wild Oats Records
                    division has established a strong and successful pre-
                    sence on the international music scene, and earned
                    a reputation for honesty, quality and integrity.

                    Our CD releases have received consistent radio airplay in
                    more than 20 countries, and been favorably reviewed in
                    dozens of respected music publications here in the USA
                    and around the world. In addition, we have licensed our
                    CDs to record labels in Europe & South America. And
                    we have organized more than 30 European tours, book-
                    ing festival, concert and club dates in Germany, Austria,
                    Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, the UK,
                    Finland, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

                    Along the way, Wild Oats Music Group has developed
                    excellent working relationships and personal friendships
                    with many of the most prominent and influential people
                    on the international music scene. Our mailing list of DJs,
                    radio stations, club owners, festival organizers, music
                    journalists, booking agents and CD distributors is not
                    only among the largest around, it is updated weekly.

                    Of course, there are plenty of companies offering
                    international promotion services these days. So why
                    should you choose Wild Oats ?

                    First of all, our integrity. We don't make promises
                    that we can't keep. Whatever we do, we do right.

                    Secondly, our experience. We know the ins & outs
                    of the international music scene: Which radio stations
                    are the most important; which magazines are the most
                    influential; which festivals and clubs book American
                    acts, what kinds of music they prefer, and how much
                    they pay; which distributors are the trustworthy, and
                    which ones to avoid; how to collect foreign royalties
                    and payments, etc.

                    And finally, we work with you to get the results that
                    you want. Wild Oats will tailor a promotional program
                    to fit your specific needs and career goals. We will work
                    within your budget, target the areas and the countries that
                    you want to concentrate on, and be available to you for
                    advice and  consultation.

                    We would be happy to give you more information, or
                    answer any questions that you might have.

You can write to us at:
Wild Oats Music Group,
P.O. Box 210982
Nashville, TN 37221
telephone us at:
fax us at:
or e-mail us at:
promotion@wildoatsrecords.com !